Don’t Make These Mistakes!

When it comes to building an internet marketing  business , there are a few giant  mistakes that you can make which could  ruin the whole reason for starting up the process in the first place. Here are a few marketing mistakes you will want to avoid at all costs:

Not having a clear and quantifiable target .

This is a major error that many new and budding entrepreneurs  make when they first try their hand at starting their own internet enterprise. It is extremely important for you to get this right from the outset.

Poor knowledge about your prospective customers.

Just who are you going to market to?. This is one of those big questions that often doesn’t even enter the thoughts of the new marketer.  The Top Marketers always advise you to build an avatar of who your typical customer is going to be; their likes and dislikes, hopes and fears, even their age and gender and what is of the most importance, their income bracket. This means that you are best able to understand your audience and what it is they need.

Investing a lot of money up front.

Internet marketing should not cost you a great deal of money – ever . It is relatively inexpensive to set up and after that initial phase your advertising campaigns, when properly handled, should bring in enough to cover their own costs; after that , with a bit of luck, scaling up a good ad campaign can achieve the right results.

Failing To Find and Invest in a Mentor

This is probably the most serious mistake that a prospective internet marketer can make and really the most frequent reason for failure. It is so important to learn from someone who is successfully running their own IM Business. Someone who has been succeeding for years, someone who has made all the beginner mistakes for you and who can now show you the way. I am now speaking from experience, because it was not until I found John Thornhill’s high class mentoring course “Parnership To Success”.

I never looked back, it is well worth checking out; in fact John explains to you, himself , what it is all about, clearly and concisely in this free presentation at ” Partnership to Success “ why don’t you grasp the opportunity, now, and go and join him…


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