Many years as a Business Consultant travelling throughout the world have taught me that if there is a problem, I can find the solution for you. For much of the time I was a language consultant, developing training courses for companies as diverse as Deutsche Bank , Holzman Construction ,Franfurt Airport and Frankfurt Exhibition Centre, as well as Hewlett Packard and Eurostar.

Each organisation threw up a unique set of challenges. For the German construction company Holtzman a special  communication course for their builders was required; they were on their way to Egypt and English was to be the Lingua Franca between them and their Egyptian colleagues. Frankfurt Airport needed a different approach for their flight controllers, who requested a course in informal, conversational English in order to lessen the tension they experienced when communicating with the pilots in purely techno-babble.
Working in the international banking sector brought forward different solutions, as this was in an atmosphere that was so intense and where people needed to be quick and exact in their communication. Whereas for the staff at Gare Du Nord in Paris, a more relaxed, but still official, conversational style was needed;  the Eurostar train route under the English Channel was about to be opened and they were going to be faced with a huge influx of English speaking tourists.

In all of the above situations, and many more, what became clear to me was that in every situation that my students were likely to meet: confidence was the key; and that the quick way to success in any field was teaching the  confidence first, and whatever needed to be learnt thereafter, the language learning, would take care of itself; it became a natural  part of the process.

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